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The Manleigh Halt Irregulars were the police force of Manleigh Halt. The group was composed of Isiah Dogberry, Clarissa Miller, Constable Wilson, and Sergeant Whitney. Their police station could travel through time. (PROSE: The Delightful Bag)

History Edit

In the early 1890s, when Clarissa Miller was eight years old, she visited Manleigh Halt and met the irregulars. Together, they had many adventures. They encountered poodles, a priestess, clockwork hyenas, and a phoenix from Babylon.

As she grew up, Miller continued to be involved with the group. She helped them fight Kristoff Alucard, Mumu Manchu, and the terrible Zolin.

At the turn of the century, the irregulars defeated another of Mumu Manchu's schemes.

In the 1920s, Manchu came to Manleigh Halt with his daughter Dilys around Christmas while Dogberry was out on a mission in Egypt. He intended to discover the secrets of the Manleigh Halt police station, but the irregulars were able to stop him with the help of Iris Wildthyme. (PROSE: The Delightful Bag)

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