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The Mantasphid Queen was the monarch of the insectoid Mantasphids and was significantly larger than the rest. It had decided to invade Myarr for the dung from its animals, and they engaged war with the native humans. She was naturally bioluminescent, and always called the Doctor, the humans, and other humanoid species "fleshy bipeds". She craved dung and wanted to keep hold of Myarr due to how much dung was there. She made a deal with Ulysees Meregrass to deliver weapons, she refused to pay so he abandoned her. As one point during the war, humans were preparing to fire bomb the hive, and she panicked, begging the Tenth Doctor to negotiate a surrender for her. The Doctor did this and took the blame, escaping from her lair before he or Martha could be arrested. (TV: The Infinite Quest)