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The Manussan Empire was the original empire which controlled the planet Manussa. They were a very advanced civilisation, capable of molecular engineering in zero gravity environment. At one point they created the Great Crystal using the power of their mind, which accidentally created the Mara. The Manussan Empire then collapsed and led way to the Sumaran Empire. (PROSE: Snakedance)

On New Year's, Manussan year 2215, the Mara, having travelled back in time, tried to upset the Web of Time by overthrowing Manussa earlier that it was meant to, before being trapped in a circle of cameras and monitors by the Fifth Doctor. Later, in 2326, the Mara manifested through its original creation via the Great Crystal, and the Manussan Empire was replaced by the Sumaran Empire. (AUDIO: The Cradle of the Snake)

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