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Marcus MC Screenshoot
Species: Human
Place of origin: Earth
Appearance: Mutant Copper
Main actor: Thomas Calder

Marcus was a friend of Jorjie, whom he called "JJ".

Marcus was present when Starkey staged a protest against the Department's improved CCPCs. With Starkey and Jorjie, Marcus discovered "Birdie", a CCPC with a human personality. They brought the Cyborg to Alistair Gryffen's home, hoping to shelter him. Marcus betrayed his friends by informing Inspector Thorne of Birdie's whereabouts, hoping to cash in on the reward. However, Starkey and a disillusioned Jorjie turned the tables on Marcus, convincing Thorne that Marcus was lying to him as a protest against the Department. (TV: Mutant Copper)

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