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Marek was a citizen of the Sphere.

While living on the Sphere, Marek met Zara and they conceived a child together. Marek escaped the Sphere before it was destroyed, and sought Abby and Zara through time and space. (AUDIO: The Sphere, The Fog)

When Marek found Zara, he helped her with her pregnancy, then fled with the child to protect her from the pirate Kreekpolt. Marek was eventually tracked down by Zara. Marek joined her mission to do good in the universe. (AUDIO: The End)

He accidentally took the sisters to his home planet. He wanted to find out why they all perished. He disappeared when Abby and Zara changed time. (AUDIO: The Line)

He came to Brondle as an insurance salesman. This was what happened after his family was saved by Abby and Zara. (AUDIO: Consequences)