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Marie was a sentient TARDIS, a Type 103 born during the Second War in Heaven on planet Simia KK98. When she was newborn, she was kept in a box. For a decade she was kept cut off from the time vortex, until she learned self-control and intelligence. Some time after that, she was mated with a Type 105 male TARDIS. She carried a baby TARDIS within her. When it was born, the Time Lords took it from her.

Marie was paired with the Time Lord Homunculette. At some point during her life with Homunculette, she landed on Earth in the 1960s and became temporarily stuck in the form of a female police officer. On another mission, they travelled to Earth in the late 21st century to attend the auction for the Relic. There she was attacked, or rather she was introduced to the concept of paranoia by the Shift, which forced her weapons on herself. While her internal and external structure was damaged, she made a full recovery. (PROSE: Alien Bodies)

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