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Marionettenburg, sometimes referred to as the Grand Theatre of Marionettenburg or as Doctor Drossel's Grand Theatre of Puppetry, was an attraction at the Vienna Exposition in Vienna, Austria in 1873.

It was situated in a tent opposite the Japanese Pavilion and run by Doctor Johan Drossel. Marionettenburg joined the Exposition on 11 September. Its marionettes, among which were Columbinetta and Brighella, were advertised as having no visible strings. They were, in fact, wooden puppets created by the Cyberman Gramm using Cyberman technology.

On 12 September, after Gramm left Marionettenburg to search for Bremm, the other Cyberman with whom they had crashed to Earth, Drossel relocated Marionettenburg to Count Wittenmeier's residence, leaving just an empty spot and scared visitors at the Exposition. (AUDIO: The Silver Turk)

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