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Marnal was a Time Lord. He was the previous owner of the Doctor's TARDIS. In his childhood, the Doctor considered Marnal his hero.

Marnal was the Castellan on Gallifrey before the Doctor left the planet. Marnal was sent by the Time Lords to the Shoal to investigate the threat of the Vore to Gallifrey. He destroyed the Shoal after a meeting with Larna, a Time Lady from Gallifrey's future.

Marnal threatened to expose fellow Time Lord Ulysses' secret of having a hybrid son. Ulysses wiped Marnal's memory with his TARDIS' telepathic circuits and dumped him on Earth in England, 1883. He was placed in the care of a Mrs Gate. Under the name Marnal Gate, Marnal became a science fiction author, and met Mervyn Peake, who illustrated one of his novels, and H.G. Wells. Marnal had amnesia about Gallifrey and the Time Lords, but he remembered enough to write novels containing the entire history of Gallifrey; he did not know Gallifrey was a real place.

Marnal had a son on Gallifrey, who visited him during the 1970s and told him that the Doctor was the renegade Time Lord who stole his TARDIS. He also had four adopted daughters on Earth from his wives' previous marriages, whom he described as parasites.

In 2005, he regenerated from his twelfth to his thirteen incarnation. The surge of artron energy restoring his synapses in the regeneration returned his memory.

His final incarnation was later killed by the Vore, who had invaded Earth. Before he died, the Eighth Doctor told him that he was his childhood hero. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Marnal was remembered in one universe as the man who went on impossible crusades and who fought battles without knowing his enemy. The latter was to become known as "Marnal's error". (PROSE: The Infinity Doctors)

Works Edit

Marnal's novels included:

He once wrote an episode of Star Trek, but it was subsequently altered so much that he removed his name from it. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Appearance Edit

In his twelfth incarnation, Marnal was an old man; after he regenerated, he was a young man with brown eyes. (PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles)

Behind the scenes Edit

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