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The Martian Communicators Guild was an organisation that operated on the Ice Warriors' home planet of Mars.

In 1997, Bernice Summerfield managed to send a message to the Communicators Guild informing them of the deceptive actions of Lord Xznaal who had invaded the United Kingdom under the pretence of Martian law being breached by human explorers. She later received a communique from Balgrar of the clan Thaumasia who decided to aid her in her plight in order to wipe out the dishonour brought about on the Ice Warrior race by the Argyre Clan. Thus, he intended to send a number of warbarges to attack Xznaal's vessel over London but before he could do so, the Mars Orbiter was sent crashing into the Argyre region wiping out the Ice Warriors there and preventing any aid being received by Earth. (PROSE: The Dying Days)

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