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Mary Wake was a human of the 20th century. She was born on Christmas Day and was the daughter of Alice and Tom Wake.

In 1920, the Tenth Doctor had got a message from the year 2007, in which someone thanked him for saving Mary's family from danger on Christmas. Since then the Doctor always visited the family on Christmas.

When Mary told her classmates about the Doctor, her classmates made fun of her and she was bullied by Samantha Phelps. However, the Doctor came to her birthday party and from then on her classmates believed her. They visited her every Christmas.

In 1967, Mary left the home of her parents. She told them that they could believe that they were looked after by the Doctor if they liked it, but that she did not want to do that anymore. A short time later she married an Indian lawyer and had children.

At Christmas in the 1970s, the Doctor played with Mary's children. They thought that he was a strange uncle that only appeared at Christmas.

In 1982, Mary's mother broke her hip; she died under general anaesthetic. When Mary's father lived in sheltered accommodation, Mary often visited him with her children and grandchildren. (PROSE: The Hopes and Fears of All the Years)