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Mary Wimbush (publicity photo)

Mary Wimbush played Sarah Jane's Aunt Lavinia in A Girl's Best Friend and was a central character in Russell T Davies' Doctor Who precursor, Century Falls.

She was an accomplished television and radio performer, undoubtedly best known to modern radio audiences as "Julia Pargetter" in the BBC Radio 4 drama The Archers. "Pargetter" was the third character she had created for the show, by which she had been intermittently employed from 1965-2005. She died in the BBC Birmingham studios minutes after completing an episode.

An accomplished character actor, she worked on a variety of television programs from All Creatures Great and Small to Z-Cars to Casualty. However, the closest she came to a regular role on a television series was as another aunt — "Aunt Agatha" in Jeeves and Wooster.

Surprisingly, the role for which she won greatest critical acclaim was in a medium mostly foreign to her career. She was nominated for a BAFTA for her role in the Richard Attenborough film Oh! What a Lovely War (1969).

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