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General Marze was the only survivor of the Prex-Em War Fleet.

Appearance Edit

General Marze looked like a fit human with black hair. Though fifty years old, he looked like a thirty year old human and still considered himself old. (PROSE: Snowfall)

History Edit

At some point in their history, the Doctor and Marze had met and fought.

In 2009, Marze tried to join the Council of Dead. To be eligible, he needed to do something important; in this case, obtain the secret of regeneration. Using the resources of Lyttle Monsters Inc, he recreated the Vampire Warriors, which had been preserved by the Great Bairn. This was only a plan to attract the Eleventh Doctor, who had taken the Great Bairn from the Tomb of the Bear and given it to David Kershaw. When David was invited to a Christmas party at Lyttle Monsters, the Doctor followed. When the Vampire Warriors were awoken, the Doctor was there to see and went to confront Marze.

When the Doctor came to him, Marze used Hawke Lyttle the Third, who had been bitten by a Vampire and was under Marze's control, to subdue him. He forced David Kershaw to extract the Doctor's blood, then isolated the regeneration factor. Unbeknownst to Marze, David also added his own blood. With this, he rapidly started to age until he disintegrated to dust. (PROSE: Snowfall)

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