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Matthew Dale is a British actor from Dorchester. He has appeared on a variety of television series including Teachers series 2, Casualty and Stella and The Last Leg.

His first appearance in the Doctor Who universe was in Mark Gatiss's penned story, Robot of Sherwood [1] He portrayed the Big John during filming.

Matthew Has also appeared in a few films Far From The Madding Crowd and Bridget Jones Diary The Baby.

Matthew is also in the New Star Wars Film Rogue One where he has two parts his main part is one of the Red Jedha Tall Priests and his second part is one of the aliens with one of the UFO hats on both parts are seen clearly in the film.

Matthews latest film he is in is with Dame Joan Collins in Time Of Their Lives where he plays himself as part of the crowd. in his bright purple shirt and long hair down.

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