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The Mavora Queen was the ruler of the Mavora Collective.

After arriving in 16th century Prague, the Mavora began to exacerbate and feed on the hatred and fear in the city. Rudolf II brought together the greatest minds of the time to deal with the problem. Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel created The Sorrows of Prague to imprison the Collective. A sphere of psychic metal was used to transform Gerhard Frankel into the Golem of Prague, who imprisoned the Queen beneath a crypt.

In 1989, Yuri Azarov freed the Mavorans. The Golem of Prague tried to stop the Queen, but she destroyed it. Heather Lake was convinced to touch the same sphere that had created the first Golem, turning her into the new one. After that, she was able to destroy the Queen. (COMIC: The Broken Man)

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