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Max Warp
Dw202 max warp - web - big
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Lucie Miller
Main enemy: Geoffrey Vantage
Main setting: Sirius Exhibition Station
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Jonathan Morris
Director: Barnaby Edwards
Post production: Andy Hardwick and Gareth Jenkins
Cover by: Grant Kempster
Release details
Release number: 2.2
Release date: February 2008
Format: 1 episode - 1 CD
Production code: BFPDWCDMG010
ISBN 978-1-84435-305-7
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Eighth Doctor Adventures
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Max Warp was the second release of the second series of Big Finish Productions' Eighth Doctor Adventures audio stories. It featured a parody of Top Gear called Max Warp with Graeme Garden, James Fleet and Duncan James' characters Geoffrey Vantage, O'Reilley and Timbo each parodying the presenters from the post-2003 line-up of Top Gear.

Publisher's summary Edit

Welcome to Max Warp! Broadcasting live from the Sirius Inter-G Cruiser Show. Hosted by outspoken columnist and media personality Geoffrey Vantage, with spaceship-guru-extraordinaire O'Reilley and daredevil pilot Timbo "the Ferret".

When a test flight of the new Kith Sunstorm ends in disaster, the Sirius Exhibition Station is plunged into a web of murder and intrigue. Someone — or something — is trying to re-ignite a war between the Varlon Empire and the Kith Oligarchy.

As the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance, only two investigators, the Doctor and Lucie, can hope to uncover the truth.

So strap yourself in, engage thrust, and prepare for... Max Warp!

Plot Edit

to be added

Cast Edit

References Edit

Cultural references Edit

  • There is mention of a "Lazlar Lyricon custom job". This was one of the spaceships in the "Milliways" car park in episode 5 of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  • The Doctor answers a question with the answer, "You might think that; I couldn't possibly comment." This brush-off was often used by Francis Urquhart, the Machiavellian protagonist of the TV serial House of Cards and its sequels.
  • Lucie mentions Sherlock Holmes, Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot.

Languages Edit

  • "Morok" is used as a minor insult.


  • Lucie jokingly defines "TARDIS" as "Time and Relative Dimensions in Shed".

Species Edit

  • The Kith are a highly-evolved sponge-like myconid race. They sleep in the dark and phosphoresce whilst doing so.
  • The Varlon Empire and Kith Oligarchy were at war with each other until twenty years before this story.

Notes Edit

  • This story features a musical performance by Barnaby Edwards and Nicholas Briggs of Big Finish.
  • Elements in this story parody the show Top Gear, including the accident of Richard Hammond aka the Hamster. In this story, it is Timbo, a.k.a. the Ferret, who has an accident flying at high speeds, precipitating an interstellar incident. Geoffrey Vantage's sexist, racist, and anti-environmental opinions are an exaggerated version of Jeremy Clarkson's controversial remarks. O'Reilly's affinity for topics that bore other spaceship enthusiasts is similar to James May's style which his Top Gear presenters often tease him for.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 13 August 2007 at The Moat Studios.
  • The story was broadcast on BBC Radio 7 on 26 October 2008.
  • The first part of the story was released for free onto The Big Finish Podcast feed in 2013.

Continuity Edit

External links Edit

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