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Maxim Klart was an unremarkable looking bald man with glasses. He blended easily into the background, but was actually the real power behind the Ninth Dynasty of Arkatron – a ruthless, bloodthirsty regime run by dictators and responsible for the disappearances and killings of tens of thousands of people. Klart was brought to justice and imprisoned in a house on a barren asteroid that bore testament to his crimes and housed a complete record of his atrocities and his trial. Held in stasis, in a bed, he was forced to view a scrolling list of the names of his victims. Instead of feeling remorse, he felt even more determined to escape stasis.

For a while he was guarded by a Miss Dellman, but when the house security system was temporarily disarmed (by Professor Landale and his assistant Miss Crisp), Klart broke free and killed her before the Eleventh Doctor reconnected the alarm. Klart was then returned to stasis by the robotic suits of armour around the house that were his guards. (PROSE: Secret of Arkatron)