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Maximilian Vilmius was a 16th century astromancer. He created an opening into N-Space, hoping to receive power and immortality. The Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith travelled back in time to stop him. They succeeded in making the N-Space rift close, trapping Vilmius within the castilo's walls.

In the 19th century, Vilmius was accidentally released. He waited until the 20th century for the next astrological conjunction which would give him opportunity to open the rift. The Brigadier's uncle, Mario, owned the castilo by then. Vilmius, now under the identity of American mobster Max Vilmio, used violent means to possess it again before the conjunction. Vilmius opened the rift, but the Doctor was able to close it again and destroy Vilmius in the process. (PROSE: The Ghosts of N-Space)