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Maxwell Collins
Maxwell Collins (Moving In)
Species: Human
Mother: Devina Collins
Father: Lloyd Collins
Sister: Jess Collins
First seen in: The Pestilent Heart
Other appearances: COMIC: Moving In, Bloodsport

Maxwell Collins was the child of Lloyd and Devina Collins and the younger brother of Jess Collins. He liked superhero comic books and aliens. When the Twelfth Doctor was trapped in 1972 without a working TARDIS, he lived with the Collins and became best friends with Maxwell. (COMIC: Moving In)

He often wore shirts with superheros on them, like Spider-Man (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart) and the Hulk. (COMIC: Moving In)

History Edit

On a school day in 1972, Maxwell had Sugar Joy! cereal for breakfast. He told his mum to get more Sugar Joy! because each box came with a free alien toy. Six minutes later he took a school bus to school. That day, his sister, father, and mother had an adventure with the Twelfth Doctor which ended with the Doctor's TARDIS overloading itself to purge London of an alien disease.

Two days later, Devina Collins invited the Doctor to live with them because he didn't have anywhere else to go. Maxwell greeted the Doctor and pulled him inside the Collins household when he tried to refuse Devina's hospitality. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

Maxwell Collins

Maxwell eats Sugar Joy!. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

Three days after that, Maxwell encountered the Doctor resting his head against the TARDIS in the backyard. The Doctor told Maxwell he was trying to psychically encourage teh TARDIS to reweave its outer plasmic shell. Maxwell joined in, but quickly became bored and asked the Doctor who would win in a fight: Captain America or Batman. The Doctor argued that Captain America would win, but Maxwell was certain Batman would. Their conversation reached an end when Jess walked into the backyard. After Maxwell went back inside, Jess commented that she thought the Doctor had made a new best friend. (COMIC: Moving In)

Maxwell and Doctor in National Gallery

Maxwell and the Doctor run into alien hounds in the National Gallery. (COMIC: Bloodsport)

About a day later, Maxwell came with the Doctor and Jess to the National Gallery. While the Doctor and Jess enjoyed the art, Maxwell was unimpressed; at one point he said that John Constable was "no Jack Kirby". The visit to the gallery was interrupted when a small monkey-like alien ran past them being chased by three alien hounds. The Doctor, Jess, and Maxwell followed the chase outside into Trafalgar Square where they encountered the owners of the hounds, Skadi, Broteas, and Tarquel. The Doctor tried to stop them from killing the monkey-like alien and managed to knock out Broteas, but Skadi still managed to kill the alien. With their hunt over, Skadi and Tarquel transmatted off of Earth, but not before Tarquel grabbed Maxwell and Jess. (COMIC: Bloodsport)

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