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Frobisher lends Jokk mazumas for the shuttle. (COMIC: Where Nobody Knows Your Name)

Mazumas were a form of currency.

History Edit

Mazumas were used in some sectors of space as early as the 2600s. (AUDIO: The Greatest Shop in the Galaxy)

They were in use in on the planet Olleril in 5597. (PROSE: Tragedy Day)

By the 82nd century, Mazumas were the main form of currency across much of the galaxy. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

Mazumas could be found in the form of coins available in denominations including one and twenty (AUDIO: The Maltese Penguin) as well as banknotes called "Universal Credits." (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

Mazuma (The Shape Shifter)

250,000 mazumas in Universal Credits. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter)

The Sixth Doctor and Frobisher stole 250,000 Mazumas from Intra-Venus, Inc. (COMIC: The Shape Shifter) They gave them to Ivan Asimoff for the Zyglot trust. (COMIC: Polly the Glot)

Frobisher's rate for his services as a private investigator was 12 mazumas per day, plus expenses. (AUDIO: The Maltese Penguin)

Frobisher lent Jokk mazumas to take the shuttle. (COMIC: Where Nobody Knows Your Name)

Groblux embezzled 715 million mazumas from The Kandaflax Charity. Majenta Pryce blackmailed Groblux into selling his and the rest of the major shareholders of Intra-Venus' shares to her for twelve mazumas, which was .000001% of their current value, in exchange for throwing the evidence of their misgivings away, which she later amended to ten, and then to five mazumas. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • "Mazuma" is a Yiddish slang term for money, chiefly used in the United States.

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