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A medic was a general term for an indivdual involved in medicine.

Bahlia was a medic who had crashed on the planet Ryos. She sent out a distress call which was intercepted by both the Seventh Doctor and a salvage merchant named Keepsake, who rescued her. (COMIC: Keepsake)

Ayla Damsk was a medic on Ceres Alpha. (PROSE: Dark Progeny)

MARVE was a robot medic aboard the Ocean Explorer who helped Rory Williams treat patients who were suffering from a virus outbreak. (PROSE: The Underwater War)

Elboncaveldron, later Surgeon-Master Elbon, was a medic on Gallifrey. (AUDIO: Fractures)

Nadia Červenka was a Czech scientist who worked as a medic in Berlin in the late 1940s. (AUDIO: Artificial Intelligence)

Wt'hlm was the medic who looked after Irving Braxiatel when he fainted. (PROSE: Dead Mice)

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