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Senior Lieutenant Medowin was a soldier from the Special Operations Commando, Global Command in the year 2618.

A Korven soldier transported to 2050 via Alistair Gryffen's Space-Time Manipulator and kidnapped him to "leech" his knowledge of a device to cool the Earth. Medowin was dispatched to 2050 to neutralise it. K9 used the STM to contact Medowin. He told the team his name, rank and objective. He told them about the Korven, who was regarded as one of the most dangerous and destructive aliens of their time. K9 was familiar with the Korven and told the team about their invasion on Earth in the year 2480, Medowin added that it was too warm for the Korven to function. He told them the Korven had sent an operative back through time to find a group of scientists who created a cooling device and warned them that if they got the data they needed, they would destroy humanity. Communication with him was lost just as he was about to tell them the Korven's only weakness. (TV: The Korven)