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Melbourne was a city in Australia to which Polly Wright flew in 1994 en route to Sydney. She went there with Atimkos, an Euterpian who had taken the guise of a human named Tim. (PROSE: Invasion of the Cat-People)

The Eighth Doctor and Charley visited a bookstore in Melbourne. (PROSE: Best Seller)

In 2109, there was a security raid in Melbourne. (PROSE: Transit)

At some point after the establishment of the United Planets government, Melbourne became home to an emergency headquarters for the Anti-Dalek Force. Reb Shavron, Mark Seven and Joel Shaw once had to divert there when the Daleks tried to melt the Antarctic icecap. (COMIC: Flood!!!)

Behind the scenes Edit

Technically, Cat-People does not absolutely specify that Melbourne is in Australia. However the itinerary of QF003, with stops in Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney, leaves little reasonable doubt as to the Melbourne author Gary Russell intended.

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