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Melmoth Jackson was a legendary figure known for his foolishness. There were many stories about him and his adventures, such as when he tried to sell androids more intelligent than he or caused a predator infestion to deal with a pest infestation. He was generally used in stories as a fool or a klutz and Bernice Summerfield believed he was just a myth.

One story of Melmoth Jackson was relayed in Galactic Myths of the Far Frontiers by Professor Summerfield. In it, Melmoth Jackson was working as a mercenary when he bought weaponry from the Vo'lach (though agreeing to a treaty instead of paying). Ten years later, he finally found out that his payment was to create an army capable of stopping the Vo'lach. When he realised what he had agreed to, he was said to have killed himself. (PROSE: Ghost Devices)

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