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Melvin Minton, more commonly known as Minty, was a member of B.U.R.P.S.S

Minty was a member of BURPSS and provided food for it. He built an alien detector, which he used to try to find aliens. When Sarah Jane Smith secretly damaged it with her sonic lipstick, he did not understand what was wrong with it.

He returned to Ocean Waters' house to try to fix it. As he did so, Mister Dread broke in, searching for Androvax, who was hiding in Clyde's body.

After the incident, he returned to Bannerman Road with Ocean to ask about the Men in Black. Gita Chandra didn't remember due to Mister Dread erasing her memory and Sarah Jane denied everything. Ocean and Minty agreed the aliens had won again and left. (TV: The Vault of Secrets)