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Species: Meron
Appearances: TV: Regeneration, Liberation
Main actor: Michael Thompson

A Meron was a scientist working with his associate in the Department's Dauntless Prison.

The Meron and his associate worked in Dauntless Prison, which was governed by Thorne, a fellow Meron. The Merons extracted DNA from the alien prisoners to create Trojan, the prototype for a Korven supersoldier in Lomax's invasion of Earth.

He arrived at Gryffen Manor where his associate gave Alistair Gryffen a component to the Space-Time Manipulator. An accident caused the hound of the Korven, K9 Mark I and four Jixen to be sent through. K9 self-destructed and regenerated into a new form to kill the Jixen. (TV: Regeneration)

One Jixen survived and tracked the Merons down, and the Meron's associate was met by the Jixen and retreated; the prison was closed after the incident. (TV: Liberation)

Weeks later, Gryffen foiled the Korven invasion by destroying the STM, and Thorne was killed. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

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