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Species: Dalek
Place of origin: Skaro
First seen in: Dalek
Appearances: TV: Doomsday (flashback), GAME: The Last Dalek
Main actor: Barnaby Edwards (actor)
Main voice actor: Nicholas Briggs

A Dalek soldier fought in the Last Great Time War, and survived being destroyed by the Doctor. Passing through several collectors of alien technology after it fell to the Ascension Islands, it was eventually a living specimen in Henry van Statten's Cage, which van Statten dubbed "Metaltron".


Before the end of the Time War, when the Doctor used the Moment to destroy Gallifrey, the Time Lords, and the Daleks (TV: The End of Time), this Dalek fell through time and landed on the Ascension Islands circa 1962. Insane and screaming, it passed through several private collections in the 20th and 21st centuries. By 2012, it was in the possession of billionaire Henry van Statten, who kept it in the Vault. Having no other name for it, van Statten called it a "Metaltron". At least one of his staff was destroyed just by touching it. He instructed another of his staff, Simmons, to make it talk. Although tortured, all it did was scream. It sent out a distress signal, which was detected by the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. Initially unaware of the source of the distress signal, the Doctor realised it was a Dalek and attempted to destroy it. He was stopped by van Statten, who was pleased to know what the Metaltron was really called.

Upon meeting Rose, it pretended that it was a harmless victim. As she touched it, it absorbed artron energy and DNA from her. It was able to regenerate and escape the Vault. It downloaded all the data available on the Internet and killed Simmons, Bywater, De Maggio, and numerous others in the Battle of GeoComTex. However, it found itself unable to kill Rose or van Statten. Human DNA had brought with it emotions. Rose took the Dalek to the roof, where it opened its battle armour to feel the sun. Considering all the new emotions to be "sickness", it asked Rose to order it to self-destruct, preferring death to a life with emotions. She refused at first, but eventually gave the order, and the "Metaltron" destroyed himself. (TV: Dalek)


This was the first time the Doctor had found a survivor of the Time War. Although he believed that this was the last Dalek, he would soon discover others. The Dalek Emperor himself survived (TV: The Parting of the Ways), as had the four-member Cult of Skaro, having in their possession a prison ship loaded with millions of Daleks (TV: Army of Ghosts/Doomsday).

Rose would later remember when she restored this Dalek with her touch when the Cult of Skaro demanded that she open the Genesis Ark. She explained to Mickey Smith that the Dalek was broken and dying but when she touched it she brought it back to life, as the Daleks had evolved to use the background radiation one "soaked up" from travelling through time in the TARDIS, as a power supply. (TV: Doomsday)


While it was a prisoner, the "Metaltron" refused to speak when Henry van Statten's staff were torturing it, although it did scream. It was enraged by the appearance of the Doctor and tried to exterminate him, but couldn't because its gun had been disabled. The Dalek demanded to be ordered what to do, ironically using orders itself in an attempt to receive them. However, it also begged for pity when the Doctor attempted to destroy it, despite the Doctor pointing out "you never did".

After absorbing Rose Tyler's DNA, the Dalek started feeling human emotions for the first time. Although it ruthlessly gunned down van Statten's staff, it was unable to kill her Rose or van Statten. The Dalek then stated that it wanted freedom. As its personality had become more merciful than before, it hated itself, feeling that the emotions Rose had given it were making it weak. It eventually told Rose to order it to self-destruct. (TV: Dalek)

Although not the first Dalek to kill itself, this Dalek was one of the few to do so out of self-hatred. (TV: Destiny of the Daleks, Revelation of the Daleks, Asylum of the Daleks)

This Dalek, as with all Daleks that originated from the Last Great Time War, possessed markings below its eyepiece to identify it. (TV: Dalek)

Behind the scenes

  • This Dalek also acts as the player character in the online game The Last Dalek. It presents an alternate version of the events of Dalek. In the game, the Dalek fights through the Vault, faces van Statten's forces and eventually the Doctor, who is exterminated by the Dalek. The game is completed when the Dalek finds and destroys the Doctor's TARDIS.

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