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Michael E. Briant directed several Doctor Who television stories. He had earlier been the uncredited production assistant on three television stories featuring William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton.

He was invited to a meeting to view the new Cybermen costumes for Revenge of the Cybermen, and suggested the idea of them having inbuilt guns. This was incorporated into the design. (INFO: Revenge of the Cybermen)

Briant had originally been an actor, working under the stage name Michael Tennant, as there was already a Michael Bryant registered with Equity. Having started using his own name as a director, Briant later added the initial "E" to avoid confusion with the aforementioned actor, after the pair apparently began receiving each other's mail.

He also provided several voices on the serials he directed. He provided the voice of the IMC console in Colony in Space (DWM 238), a DJ in The Sea Devils (DWM 192) and a Nerva Beacon console in Revenge of the Cybermen. (DWM 297)

He is married to Monique Briant, who had uncredited roles in several Doctor Who episodes.

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