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Mickey was the chief waitress at Bianca's Cabaret. Her main job was to deliver the drinks mixed by the barman to the clients at their tables, and to provide simple social companionship for the lonely. During off-hours she spent time listening to the clients' conversations through the club's surveillance system.

When the Sixth Doctor and Iris Wildthyme showed up, the schemes driven by Bianca the chanteuse and Henry the owner came to a head, resulting in the destruction of the club. Mickey was responsible for saving many of the patrons before the place exploded.

Mickey recovered a box of recordings made of the clients' conversations, and kept them in secret for many years. In her old age she was visited by a Mr Ashcroft, who listened to her story of the club's destruction and took custody of the tapes afterward. (AUDIO: The Wormery)

Behind the scenes Edit

"Mickey" was an assumed name. Her real name was never given.