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Milan was a city in Italy, a human nation of Earth.

Romana II once dragged the Doctor to an opera in Milan. (PROSE: The Scarlet Empress)

In 1925, the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler visited Milan. (COMIC: The Futurists)

The Tenth Doctor tried to visit Leonardo da Vinci in late 15th century Milan. (COMIC: Da Vinci's Robots, Metal Mania)

The Time Lords sent the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith to 1944 Borosini, a town directly connected by rail to Milan. This was so they could avert the theft of artwork by Nazis working under the direction of Hermann Goering. (COMIC: Treasure Trail)

A catwalk took place in Milan. Adam's daughter looked like she just went off the catwalk in Milan. (AUDIO: Children of Steel)

A.C. Milan lost the 2005 European Cup final to Liverpool. (AUDIO: Something Inside)

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