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Millennium Shock was the twenty-second BBC Past Doctor Adventures novel. It featured the Fourth Doctor travelling alone, but an older Harry Sullivan also appears in the novel. This novel is a sequel to the Virgin Missing Adventures novel System Shock.

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It's 1999 and the Millennium Bug is threatening to bring the world's computers to a standstill. Experts struggle to avert disaster, but a powerful force seems determined to work against them.

As the government realises the full implications of Year 2000, one company seems to promise all the technological answers... but what exactly are the methods and motives behind the operation?

What is the connection between the Millennium Bug, a raid on a Russian nuclear base, a break-in at a British defence contractor, and a pen that Sarah-Jane Smith kept as a memento of a past adventure? The Doctor and Commander Harry Sullivan of MI5 must discover the truth before the world is plunged into a digital winter.

No longer just an expensive miscalculation, the Millennium Bug could also be the key to an alien take-over of Earth...

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  • This novel is a direct sequel to System Shock from the Virgin Missing Adventures, the range which the BBC Past Doctor Adventures replaced. This is the only such occurrence between the ranges.
  • The name of the book on the frontispiece is misspelt Millenium Shock.
  • The chapters of this novel are numbered in base-16 or hexadecimal.

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