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The Millennium Stadium was a venue in Cardiff, Wales.

It was built in 1999 and replaced the old Cardiff Arms Park. Jack Harkness noted that the new stadium was built at a 90 degree angle to the old one, which aligned it with the Cardiff Rift. (PROSE: Pack Animals)

It was used for the last live performance of the rock band Unattended Article in 2000, which was hijacked by the Mondegreens. (COMIC: We Will Rock You)

Rhys Williams knew someone who worked at the Stadium. In 2007, Gwen Cooper suggested that she and Jack Harkness go to see the next home international, as Jack had never been to see a rugby match before. (TV: Cyberwoman)

In 2008, Torchwood Three used the stadium to house dinosaurs which had come through the Rift. (COMIC: Rift War!) Later that year, the stadium housed the MonstaQuest creatures and their creator, Gareth Portland, as he tried to use people's emotions to destroy the city. (PROSE: Pack Animals)

Behind the scenes Edit

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