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Gallifrey 3 4 mindbomb
Main character(s): Romana II, Leela, K9 Mark II
Featuring: Lord President Braxiatel, Coordinator Narvin, Acting Lord President Valyes, Cardinal Matthias
Main enemy: Inquisitor Prime Darkel
Main setting: Gallifrey
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Justin Richards
Director: Gary Russell
Music: David Darlington
Sound: David Darlington
Cover by: Lee Binding
Release details
Release number: Chapter Thirteen
Release date: July 2006
Format: 1 CD
Production code: BFPGALLCD13
ISBN 1-84435-207-2
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Appropriation Panacea
Official trailer
Mindbomb was the fourth story of the third series of Big Finish's Gallifrey audio series. It was written by Justin Richards.

Publisher's summary Edit

"They used to tell me at the Academy that anyone could become president. I'm beginning to believe it."

The first presidential election for millennia is about to be held on Gallifrey. But in the wake of the civil war that has torn the Time Lords apart, can even an election restore calm and order?

And what of the candidates? Darkel — determined to win at any cost... Matthias - a dark horse with his own agenda... Romana — impeached for high treason...

But even as the candidates manoeuvre and plan, an assassin stalks the galleries of the panopticon. Gallifrey will soon have a new president, but at what cost? How many people will have to die? And which — if any — of the contenders will survive?

Plot Edit

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