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Mindgame Trilogy
Mindgame trilogy
Key crew
Publisher: Reeltime Pictures
Writer: Terrance Dicks, Miles Richardson, Roger Stevens
Director: Keith Barnfather
Producer: Keith Barnfather
Release details
Release date: 1999
Format: 80 minute, VHS
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Mindgame Dæmos Rising

Mindgame Trilogy was a home video anthology released in 1999. It was part of the Mindgame Saga.

Synopsis Edit

Battlefield by Terrance Dicks Edit

Field-Major Sarg is in trouble. Trapped, wounded and alone on a battle-scarred planet, he is forced to accept he may die. But at least it will be a glorious death – or so he hopes.

Prisoner 451 by Miles Richardson Edit

To be or not to be, that is the question! On trial for subversion, he faces the ultimate penalty. If only she knew the trouble she'd caused...

Scout Ship by Roger Stevens Edit

A dying ship drifting in space. A pilot faced with certain death. Time may be relative... but it still runs out!

Plot Edit

to be added

Cast Edit

Battlefield Edit

Prisoner 451 Edit

Scout Ship Edit

Crew Edit

References Edit

Story notes Edit

  • Mindgame Trilogy features the three characters who were captured by the Alien in Mindgame. It shows what became of them after their escape and return to their proper places in Time and Space.
  • Toby Aspin, who played Field-Major Sarg in Mindgame, was unable to return his role due to other work commitments. The part was recast with John Wadmore.
  • The storytelling style of Miles Richardson's Prisoner 451 – which features the Draconian Commander of Brigade Merq talking to camera throughout – could very well have been inspired by the BBC's monologue anthology series Talking Heads (1988-1998), written and created by Alan Bennett.

Myths Edit

to be added

Filming locations Edit

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Production errors Edit

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Continuity Edit

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DVD, video, and vod releases Edit

  • Released on VHS in both PAL and NTSC formats.
  • Released on DVD-R in PAL format.
  • It was rereleased on DVD (in both PAL and NTSC) and digitally through Vimeo's video on demand service on 1 April 2015, alongside the making of.

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