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Mine, All Mine! (comic story)

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Mine, All Mine!
Doctor: Eleventh Doctor
Companion(s): Amy, Rory
Main enemy: Skaratid
Main setting: California 19th century
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Magazines
Editor: Natalie Barnes
Writer: Steve Lyons
Artist: John Ross
Colourist: Alan Craddock
Release details
Printed in: DWA 208
Release date: 10 March 2011
Format: Comic - 1 part (4 pages)
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Mine, All Mine! was a Doctor Who Adventures comic strip published in 2011.

Summary Edit

An abandoned gold mine in California, USA, some time in the 19th century some months after the gold rush is where the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams find themselves. The only remaining miner is Ike. In spite of a monster in the mines "with six mouths and teeth like pickaxes", Ike, desperate to find enough gold to support his family back home, has stayed when all the other prospectors have been scared off.

Dismissing six mouths as ridiculous, the Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver like a dog whistle to bring the creature out of hiding. When an enormous, five mouthed, one eyed, green creature arrives, the Doctor recognises it as a Skaratid, presumably left behind by a passing spaceship. The torchlight blinds the creature long enough to attempt an escape but the Skaratid pursues them along the rail tracks. Borrowing some sticks of dynamite, the Doctor offers them to the Skaratid. A five mouthed creature is always hungry and looking for food. It swallows the dynamite, which explodes, blowing the creature into goo and making the tunnel collapse. The new rockfall reveals a previously untapped seam of gold for Ike to mine and he doesn't mind helping clear a safe passage out of the mine.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

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Original print details Edit

  • Publication with page count and closing captions
  • No reprints to date.

Continuity Edit

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