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The Ministry for Alien Incursions and Ontological Wonders or MIAOW, was an organisation that existed on a premise similar to that of UNIT. Iris Wildthyme worked for MIAOW in several of her incarnations.

History Edit

20th century Edit

Iris worked for MIAOW in the 1960s, during "that business with the robot Guru and the holiday camp in Wales" when she met the Beatles. Also, the time the cast of Crossroads was transported to the Moon by Samurai Jelly Fish. (AUDIO: The Land of Wonder)

A branch of MIAOW was set up in Darlington in 1962 to deal with the alien flotsam and jetsam from a time rift called the Dreadful Flap. Iris' former companion Jenny Winterleaf became the head of the Darlington branch of MIAOW. (PROSE: The Dreadful Flap)

In 1978, when Geoff Love recorded an orchestral version of the Doctor Who theme, a high up at MIAOW suspected that he was putting subliminal messages into the reworking and sent Iris to investigate. (PROSE: Iris Wildthyme and the Maestro of Doom)

21st century Edit

In 2011, Iris helped the Darlington branch recover alien artefacts that had fallen from the sky after a spaceship exploded above Earth. (PROSE: Enter Wildthyme)

In 2015, Iris made a deal with a group of aliens to hold a party on Iapetus and have MIAOW pay for it. She helped the aliens send a threatening message to MIAOW and then helped MIAOW "negotiate" with the aliens. MIAOW gave the aliens party decorations, a buffet table, a dozen crates of beer, and a karaoke machine. Iris took the supplies to Iapetus and partied with the aliens. (PROSE: Our Tune)

Undated events Edit

MIAOW once encountered the Silurians at the Earth's core, and Iris Wildthyme spent some time trying to convince them not to commit genocide. (PROSE: From Wildthyme with Love)

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