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Miranda Raison played Tallulah in the Doctor Who television stories Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks. She performed the song "My Angel Put the Devil in Me" in the former episode, but for the subsequent series 3 soundtrack album release, the song was rerecorded by Yamit Mamo. She also appeared as Lareen in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio story The Davros Mission, Tess Pilkelton and Myra Selfidges in The Wreck of the Titan, the Shepherdess and Acquisitor Prime in Persuasion, Margo and Xais in The Romance of Crime, and the eighth incarnation of Drax in The Trouble with Drax.

She was introduced as Constance Clarke, regular companion to the Sixth Doctor, in the The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure story The End of the Line.

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