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Misdirection (comic story)

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The Forgotten
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Main enemy:
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Writer: Tony Lee
Artist: Charlie Kirchoff, Nick Roche
Penciller: Stefano Martino
Colourist: Kris Carter, Liam Shalloo
Letterer: Richard Alan Starkings
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who: The Forgotten 3
Release date: October 2008
Format: Comic Book
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IDW mini-series and one-shots
Renewal Survival

Misdirection was the third issue of The Forgotten comic series.

Plot Edit

Martha Jones asks if the TARDIS is actually gone. She and the Doctor return to the costume room and find a bag of Jelly Babies. This reminds him of his fourth incarnation.

He recalls taking Romana to Paris for the second time, in the year 2000. Romana notices a mime posing. She thinks he is trapped in time, but a time hole appears near him. The mime, the Doctor and Romana fall through the hole and land in a late 17th century sewer. They are soon questioned by guards; the Doctor makes up an alias so he can have an excuse to boss them around. Following the trail, they reach the exit door, which is guarded by Taureau the Minotaur, who agrees to let them pass if they answer his riddle. When Romana fails miserably to answer correctly, the Doctor opens a wall, causing an explosion, killing Taureau and the mime. The Doctor and Romana escape through it.

Back at the museum, the Doctor says to himself that Romana did pretty well for herself—until the Time War. He notices Martha has gone. He finds a cricket ball in his pocket. He thinks about his fifth incarnation.

The Fifth Doctor is playing cricket near Allen Road. Tegan Jovanka and Vislor Turlough are watching. All of a sudden a Judoon ship flies over. The Doctor asks Turlough to fetch his five hundred year diary, while he and Tegan go to meet the Judoon. It turns out the Judoon have landed on Earth in search of the Eye of Akasha. Turlough returns and the Doctor fetches the Eye from the TARDIS before doing a switch with his cricket ball. He gives the Judoon the ball.

In the museum the Doctor finds Martha. She is holding Ace's baseball bat, ready to defend herself. The strange onlooker releases a swarm of giant spiders from Metebelis III, surrounding Martha...

Characters Edit

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