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A "misdirection circuit" was the name the Twelfth Doctor gave to the telepathic field given off by the lurkworms' light, initially assumed by the Doctor to be a cloaking device before Mayor Me corrected him. The "circuit" normalised everything within range of the trap street in London — which contained an alien refugee camp — and placed everything in "the comfort of your expectations, your experiences". Its purpose was to obfuscate the thoughts of passerby so they would not be able to acknowledge the existence of the trap street, as the lurkworms could telepathically influence and clutter the thoughts of strangers who were nearing its position. The misdirection circuit, however, could be thwarted if residents of the trap street accidentally exposed its location and made it impossible to be glossed over or someone was privy to the mechanics of the circuit and could distinguish the trap street's presence by noticing that their close proximity to it had clouded their mind, deliberately seeking it out. (TV: Face the Raven)

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