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Mistika was a post-production system used for the finishing of the stereoscopic 3D work on The Day of the Doctor.

Mistika was the only viable choice. SGO's technology offered a coherent all-in-one piece of kit with fast turnaround of the kind of high quality stereo finishing that was required on every shot of the show.
Mistika gave us the power to achieve advanced stereo refinements that just weren't an option on any other system.
Mistika's advanced stereo toolset proved so capable that we actually ended up downgrading a number of challenging shots out of VFX and into the Mistika where we could make improvements more quickly, saving time and allowing us to keep the VFX budget down.
David Wigram, stereo 3D consultant on The Day of the Doctor[1]

Footnotes Edit

  1. BBC's Special Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Episode finished in Mistika. SGO (10 January 2014). Retrieved on 12 October 2016.

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