Courtney uses Tumblr

Courtney Woods posting to Tumblr with her mobile phone. (TV: Kill the Moon)

Mobile phones, also known as cell phones, were handheld mobile communication devices.

Earth culture Edit

On the planet Earth, they became popular in the early 21st century. (TV: Rose, World War Three, Smith and Jones) They were crucial elements of teenagers' social lives. After realising that Martin Trueman had stolen his mobile and was now among the stars, Clyde Langer exclaimed, "I'm nobody. I'm no one! It's a social disaster." (TV: Secrets of the Stars)

Interference Edit

When Jack Harkness rescued Rose Tyler in his ship's tractor beam, he told her that her mobile phone interfered with his instrument. Rose responded that "no one ever believes that." (TV: The Empty Child) Toby Silverman and Celeste Rivers also took the mobiles of Sarah Jane Smith, Rani Chandra and Clyde Langer, also claiming that they interfered with the equipment. (TV: The Eternity Trap)

The Doctor and mobile phones Edit

The Ninth Doctor had his own cellphone on one occasion. (TV: Boom Town) The Tenth Doctor later kept another phone given to him by Martha Jones. (TV: Last of the Time Lords) The Twelfth Doctor, during his travels with Clara Oswald, began carrying a cellphone. (TV: The Zygon Invasion, Extremis)

The Doctor also lent Elvis a mobile phone at some point before their thirteenth incarnation. By 1 December 1955, Elvis let Frank Sinatra borrow his mobile, against the Doctor's wishes. (TVRosa)

Companions and mobile phones Edit

In October 1987, Serena Paget was surprised that Melanie Bush had a mobile phone as they were not common at that time. (AUDIO: We Are The Daleks)

Anji Kapoor carried her mobile with her when she began travelling with the Eighth Doctor, and was even able to use it when she travelled into her future. (PROSE: Escape Velocity, Trading Futures)

The Eighth Doctor set up mobile phone-like devices for companions Anji and Fitz Kreiner when they spent a selective amount of time on certain planets. (PROSE: The Book of the Still)

Rose Tyler attempted to use her mobile phone from 2005 when she was in 1987, bewildering Pete Tyler. (TV: Father's Day)

Sarah Jane Smith, Josh Townsend, Natalie Redfern and their friends frequently used mobile phones to keep in regular contact with one another. (AUDIO: Sarah Jane Smith (audio series)[additional sources needed]) Later, Sarah Jane's teenage friends used mobile phones to keep in contact as well. This resulted in their phones being destroyed by their enemies on many occasions, with Sarah Jane's adoptive son, Luke Smith, having gone through seven phones alone in two years. (TV: Invasion of the Bane, Warriors of Kudlak, Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, The Last Sontaran, The Day of the Clown, The Mark of the Berserker, The Mad Woman in the Attic, The Curse of Clyde Langer, The Man Who Never Was)

Superphones Edit

The Doctor Calls in Favour from UNIT (HQ) - Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead - BBC

The Doctor Calls in Favour from UNIT (HQ) - Doctor Who - Planet of the Dead - BBC

The Tenth Doctor uses a mobile to phone UNIT, trapped on a deserted planet. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

Rose Tyler, Martha Jones and Donna Noble had their mobiles adjusted by the Doctor to "universal roaming"; (TV: 42) Rose by the Ninth Doctor, (TV: The End of the World) and Martha (TV: 42) and Donna (TV: The Doctor's Daughter) by the Tenth Doctor. These were called superphones. (TV: World War Three) They could call nearly anywhere in time and space (TV: The End of the World, 42) and work in areas with no service, such as the Cabinet Room. (TV: World War Three) The Tenth Doctor also modified Barclay's phone in this manner so he could communicate with UNIT. (TV: Planet of the Dead)

The Doctor also similarly modified the phones of others who have travelled with him, though exactly when and where has not been chronicled:

Courtney Woods was able to use her mobile phone to post to Tumblr in her own era while aboard the Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS in the year 2049. (TV: Kill the Moon)

Clara Oswald used her mobile on the Orient Express to call Danny Pink on 21st century Earth. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) She has subsequently used it to contact the Doctor - both audio and video calling - on numerous occasions (TV: Dark Water, TV: Before the Flood, et al).

The "superphone" modification was a refinement of the temporal interocitor, a communication device invented by the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa. (AUDIO: Renaissance of the Daleks)

Later alternatives Edit

By 2050, mobile phones appeared to have been replaced by the vid-com. (TV: Liberation, The Cambridge Spy, Angel of the North)

References Edit

Upon seeing a Sontaran teleport pod in the Rattigan Academy, the Tenth Doctor told Luke Rattigan that "it might be Earth technology, but that's like finding a mobile phone in the Middle Ages", pointing out that the presence of such futuristic technology was an anachronism. (TV: The Sontaran Stratagem) Missy later made a reference, saying her fights with the Doctor were "basically texting." (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • Once treated in the series as a major event akin to being entrusted with a TARDIS key (Rose Tyler, Martha Jones), the upgrading of a companion's phone to superphone status is now taken as a given; the evident upgrading of Clara's phone, for example, has never been depicted on screen.