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The Mobox were a race of sentient silicon-based lifeforms.

Professor K'rokk, the president of Cornucopia's Assassins Alliance, was a Mobox. (COMIC: The Cornucopia Caper)

Biology Edit

They were predators, disintegrating their prey shooting isotetric energy streams from their mouths. (COMIC: Ophidius)

They could also retain the patterns of what they had disintegrated and reconstitute it later. (COMIC: Uroboros)

History Edit

A group of star-travelling Mobox was brought aboard Ophidius to be tested against several other species. Their minds were regressed, turning them into animals, and they turned out to be the best species to be used as the Ophidians' new bodies. Several bodies were swapped, but while the Ophidius was heading towards the Mobox homeworld, the Doctor stopped their plan. (COMIC: Ophidius)

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