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MonstaQuest was a trading card game created by Gareth Portland in his garage. Despite its humble origins, it became a success.

Many of the creatures in the game were based on the species found in the Vandrogonite Visualiser that Gareth had. This allowed a connection between the Visualiser and the cards, meaning strong emotions could create the characters and events from the card. This was originally an accidental occurrence, leading to an increase in alien attacks. Eventually, Gareth learned of this and began confronting people he hated, using his hatred and the cards to create monsters to kill them. (PROSE: Pack Animals)

Known Cards Edit

Named Monster Cards
  • "Antebellum" (based on a Mahalta)
  • "Bludgeon Beast" (based on a Hoix)
  • "Destructor"
  • "Gorgon Gekko"
  • "Guerrilla Gorilla"
  • "Janbri Warrior"
  • "Maymar" (based on a Hoix)
  • "Toothsome" (based on a Weevil)
Unnamed Monster Cards Environmental Cards
  • "Ice"
  • "Fog"
  • "Storm"
  • "Sandstorm"
  • "Lightning"
  • "Snow"

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