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Monster Hunt (comic story)

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Monster Hunt
Monster Hunt (comic story)
Main character(s): Sarah Jane Smith
Featuring: Luke Smith Clyde Langer Rani Chandra
Main enemy: The Krulius, Ven Kyk Nar
Main setting: Ealing, Rockshaw Reservoir, Doloth Star Base, 2009
Key crew
Publisher: British Broadcasting Corporation
Writer: Trevor Baxendale
Release details
Printed in: BBC - The Sarah Jane Adventures website
Release date: Comic strip went live: 2009
Format: Internet comic strip
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SJA comic stories
none Return of the Krulius
Monster Hunt is an integrated comic strip on the BBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website, utilising flash to present the comic strip with linking video provided by Anjli Mohindra, who provides commentary on the comic strip.

Synopsis Edit

A ship which stored a number of aliens crash lands on Earth and Sarah Jane is left to investigate.

Plot Edit

The Beginning Edit

A pilot from the planet Ven Kyuk Nar works together with an alien called the Krulius. They are travelling through the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars when the space ship of the pilot crashes on Earth. The Krulius leaves the pilot to die, but the pilot is saved by Sarah Jane and Luke Smith.

The Ending Edit

Sarah Jane and Luke take the pilot to the attic of 13 Bannerman Road. However, he Krulius soon appears at the attic and wants to attack Sarah Jane. When the pilot tries to help Sarah Jane, the Krulius uses his toxic breath to hurt the pilot. Then he teleports the pilot, Sarah Jane and himself to the Doloth Star Base, where he wants to kill them. After this he wants to destroy Earth. However, Sarah Jane used her sonic lipstick to send a signal to Mr Smith before she was teleported away. Mr Smith informs the Judoon about the location of the Krulius. It takes only a short time until the Judoon arrive on the Doloth Star Base. They take the Krulius with them and bring Sarah Jane back to Earth. The pilot, who is still weak and suffering of the toxic shock, also needs to come with the Judoon, because the Judoon need him for evidence.

Cast Edit

Characters Edit

References Edit

Story notes Edit

Continuity Edit

to be added

Timeline Edit

There are few definitive clues as to the setting of this story. However, as Sarah Jane Smith knew the name of Captain Tybo and K9 had already returned to 13 Bannerman Road, this story likely takes place after The Mad Woman in the Attic.

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