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Monster Match was an online puzzle game published on the BBC's Doctor Who website.

Scenario Edit

Build a sequence of three or more monsters to make them disappear.

How to play? Edit

To assemble the monsters, you must click on one of them and then exchange it with one directly next to him.

  • The timed version has a time of 3 minutes to collect the maximum points.
  • There is only one level where 9 monsters are present: Abzorbaloff (yellow), Clockwork Droid (dark grey), Cyberman (light grey), Dalek (orange) Ood (red), Slitheen (blue) and Sycorax (green).
  • Each time a monster is clicked, the image changes to show slightly different.
  • Unlike other games of its type, a shift that does not eliminate the monster remains in place and can move back monsters.
  • There is no end to the game, no supplements are not given after a certain score.

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