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Monty Punnions was a Brancheerian from Sirus. He fought the Doctor twice in his journey. (COMIC: Colossus of the Colosseum, The Tail of Decky Flamboon)

History Edit

When the Colosseum was taken out of Earth for an arena for the bravest warriors from all of space to fight, Monty was chosen as one of the warriors. He was the top-dog in the whole arena, but the Eleventh Doctor managed to take everyone out from the Colosseum, after Decky tricked the professor behind all of this mess, into the Colosseum, who then shut it down and everyone was free. (COMIC: Colossus of the Colosseum)

When the Doctor landed on Sirus after getting all of the co-ordinates, Decky realised it was empty. Giant ant aliens invaded Sirus somehow. It was then later explained the co-ordinate trail the Doctor found was to lead them to Sirus, created by Monty himself. He told the ants all about Sirus when they had a plan to invade Earth, in exchange for the information, Monty would get all the credits he could want and the empty planet. He was defeated after wearing Decky's shape-shifting belt and the Doctor using his sonic screwdriver on it, turning him into a giant ball which Decky then hit with his tail, which then made him crash into the ants. (COMIC: The Tail of Decky Flamboon)