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Moon Landing was a TV Comic story featuring the First Doctor, John and Gillian.

Summary Edit

In 1970, the first men from the planet Earth land on the Moon. The two astronauts are dismayed to discover the Doctor's TARDIS. Going to investigate, they fall down a crevasse.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Published in 1965, this story makes the remarkable prediction that the first manned Moon landing would occur on 20 July (which it did in real life), and was otherwise off by only one year. The 1969 Moon landing by Apollo 11 was later confirmed in PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy and TV: Day of the Moon.
  • This story is given the title of "Moonshot" in the "Comics Checklist" section of DWM 62.

Continuity Edit

  • The Doctor's first on-screen visit to the Moon was in TV: The Moonbase, two years before NASA did so in real life.
  • The Doctor later has an adventure involving the lunar-landing in TV: Day of the Moon.
  • Martha Jones and the Doctor later witness the lunar landing — twice — according to TV: Blink.


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