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The Morestran Empire was the empire of the Morestrans.

By the 374th century it covered eighty million light-years and contained fourteen hundred twenty-seven inhabited star systems. It was ruled from Capital City on Morestra by His Most Noble Imperious Majesty the Lord of the Host Systems Hippolito and his brother and co-regent Antonio. Planets in the Empire include the twin planets Alpha Minor and Alpha Major, Epsilon Major, Ursus, Theta Major, Delta Minor, with systems including the Gamma System, the Omega System, and Eta (a single-planet system ruled by the Church). (PROSE: Zeta Major)

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith encountered a Morestran probe ship in the 372nd century which was trying to harvest anti-matter from Zeta Minor. (TV: Planet of Evil)

An offhand comment by the Doctor led the Empire down a technological cul-de-sac. The Morestran Orthodox Church was trying to cover up the failure by the time the Fifth Doctor visited the Empire again in the 374th century. (PROSE: Zeta Major)

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