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The Seventh Doctor's body is wheeled away. (TV: Doctor Who)

A morgue or mortuary was a place that stored recently deceased humans.

Gabriel Sneed owned the mortuary Sneed and Company in 19th century Cardiff. It was built on top of a space-time rift, propagating rumours that the house was haunted, which Sneed recognised was good for business.

In 1869, the Gelth came through the rift, and took over the corpses at Sneed and Company. They were brought through the rift fully with the help of the Ninth Doctor and Gwyneth, but displayed malevolent intent are were ultimately destroyed when Gwyneth blew up the house. (TV: The Unquiet Dead)

In 1999, the Seventh Doctor was taken to the Walker General Hospital morgue after his failed surgery and supposed death. He regenerated into the Eighth Doctor in a storage unit there. (TV: Doctor Who)

Danny Pink's body was sent to the Chaplet Funeral Home after he died. Cyber-pollen later entered the morgue, and brought Danny back as a Cyberman. (TV: Death in Heaven)

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