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Young Silurian
Species: Silurian
Place of origin: Earth
First seen in: Doctor Who and the Silurians
Main actor: Nigel Johns
Morka was a Silurian who encountered humanity in the 20th century.

Biography Edit

Along with others of his race, Morka encountered the Third Doctor at an underground base in Wenley Moor. Stubbornly believing that his own race was superior, he rejected the notion of sharing Earth with the humans. He went behind the back of his leader, Okdel, and released a human prisoner who had been infected with a deadly disease engineered by the Silurians.

Believing that his leader had failed him, Morka killed him and set about reawakening his species to reclaim Earth. After being tricked into going back into hibernation, Morka opted to stay behind when there were only a few pods left, willingly giving leadership of the Silurian race to K'to, the Silurian scientist that helped him.

Angry that the Doctor had tricked him, Morka tried to kill him when he returned to the Silurian base. Morka was wounded by a shot from the Brigadier and was later blown up along with the base by UNIT. (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians)

Alternative timeline Edit

In a parallel universe where the Silurians successfully reclaimed the Earth, Morka had a wife named Chtaachtl and a son named Imorkal. (PROSE: Blood Heat) The Monk used the enslaved Chronovore Artemis to create an alternate timeline in which Morka killed the Doctor. (PROSE: No Future)

Behind the scenes Edit

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