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Morka was a Silurian who went into hibernation under Wenley Moor.

Along with Okdel, K'to and several other Silurians, Morka awoke in the 20th century.

Stubbornly believing that his own race was superior, he rejected the notion of sharing Earth with the humans. He went behind the back of Okdel and released a human prisoner who had been infected with a deadly disease engineered by the Silurians.

Believing that his leader had failed him, Morka killed Okdel and set about reawakening his species to reclaim Earth. After being tricked into going back into hibernation, Morka opted to stay behind when there were only a few pods left, willingly giving leadership of the Silurian race to K'to, who had assisted Morka in his plans.

Angry that the Doctor had tricked him, Morka tried to kill him when he returned to the Silurian base. However, the Brigadier arrived at shot and wounded Morka.

Morka tried to revive one of the Silurians from hibernation, but was killed when their base was blown up by UNIT. (TV: Doctor Who and the Silurians)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Morka was not named on-screen, only in the novelisation and in the novel The Scales of Injustice. He was listed as "Young Silurian" in the credits.
  • According to the novelisation, Morka is the Silurian which Major Baker (Barker in the novelisation) shoots at and subsequently escapes into the moorland. This is not made clear in the TV story, as the Silurian fugitive is played by Pat Gorman in episodes 2 and 3, and not Nigel Johns, who played Morka in episodes 4-7 of Doctor Who and the Silurians. In the latter part of the serial, Gorman played the "Silurian Scientist" K'to, and K'to is noticeably shorter than Morka in scenes where they are together.

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