Moroks were a humanoid race who founded the Morok Empire. However, like all great empires, they soon fell into decline.

History Edit

The Moroks set up a Space Museum on Xeros to celebrate their victories. They killed many Xerons, leaving only the children alive. When they were old enough they were sold into slavery. The First Doctor and his companions aided the Xerons in their revolution against the Moroks. They killed the Museum's curator, Lobos. With the planet free, the Xerons destroyed the Museum. (TV: The Space Museum)

The Monk was once a technical adviser to the Moroks. (PROSE: No Future)

The Morok Empire collapsed in the 30th century due to human intervention. (PROSE: The Death of Art)

While holding an auction for the Face of Humanity, Fegovy created the holographic illusion of two Moroks to increase the sale price. (PROSE: Fegovy)

The Xaranti ship that invaded Earth in the 1970s was a modified Morok battlecruiser. (PROSE: Deep Blue)

Geoffrey Vantage asked if the Skythros Warpshock was "the last word in super-luminary style or the last word in looking like a total Morok". (AUDIO: Max Warp)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Amongst other things, the documentary Defending the Museum explored Robert Shearman's view that the Moroks are intended to parody the quintessential Hartnell-era foes. He evidenced this by suggesting Morok to be a spin on moron and examines their dull-witted behaviour.
  • If the coloured cover-art to the audio television soundtrack release for The Space Museum is to be taken as valid, it can be suggested that the Moroks have bright red hair. Though, this is conjectural at best, and may simply be the product of the artist's free-reign on the cover's design.
  • The Dalek Handbook suggests that the Moroks visited the Dalek City on Skaro some time after the events of The Daleks and collected a Dalek casing for their museum. Their expedition also managed to restored power to the city, leading to the revival of the Daleks. However, this is only a suggestion and the handbook also notes that Thals or explorers from Earth could have been responsible for restoring the power instead.